Offer Funnel Stack
For Six and Seven-Figure Solopreneurs, Consultants, and Agencies
A framework for validating Scalable Service Offers…fast…without requiring changes to your current sales & marketing efforts.

by Ken Yarmosh

Tight Simple, Funnels
If you want who want to validate four, five and even-six figure Scalable Service Offers more quickly for bigger money deals, you need tight, simple funnels.
You might be thinking,
I have a website and a bunch of elegant funnels already.
But that sort of thinking is actually the issue.

Before we go further, why bother listening…

Haven't followed me too long? 😭 I've closed more than $50M in client services in my career. I'm doing $20k+ days as a remote solopreneur. Mostly remote, well before 2020 and never with a big corporate logo next to my name. Part of the key is in how I validate my offers through my Offer Funnel Stack. It's not just for me though, here's what my clients and those following my strategy say, too.Wall of Love With that out of the way….please proceed for knowledge 💣s.

Using a traditional website, especially a company website…is just too slow.
So is working with complex or sophisticated funnels when focused on validation.
When validating a new offer, we want to iterate quickly.
You don't want to constantly be messing with…
  • Your CMS-driven website
  • Your LinkedIn headline
  • Your current funnels
  • Your existing CTAs
Those items get updated once you've validated an offer. Which you do…with dollars and cents.
We do this with your Offer Funnel Stack.
Let's get into it.
Offer Funnel Stack
This IS the Offer Funnel Stack you're looking for.

The Offer

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The Funnel

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The Stack

Please…I hope you didn't jump straight here. People love shiny objects and tools. But you need the strategy that goes into the tools. In this case, that's the offer and funnel of the Offer Funnel Stack. When we deal with the stack, we want it to do a few things… Be lightweight Be easy to update Be additive to existing efforts Again, we don't want to disrupt all of your existing marketing and sales efforts. You also shouldn't be spending weeks or months on a landing page or website. Comparatively, don't throw big dollars at paid ads at this stage…you want directional validation first. Use your stack to do that with tools like Carrd, SavvyCal, and ThriveCart. Real-life Stack Example: Offer Funnel Stack Well, you're looking at an example…right now. Do we call this an inception funnel? 🤔 I have not previously shared my Offer Funnel Stack outside of my Scalable Service Offers framework. In fact, I don't call it that there…I simply describe the concept. So, what did I do? I put together an Offer Funnel Stack for…the Offer Funnel Stack. Here's the stack I'm using to gauge interest in OFS. Cloudflare branded URL Redirects to a ConvertKit page I quickly put together Which gets you into this Gamma document It's not a big website or ebook that takes weeks to create I can iterate on it quickly and it doesn't impact… My LinkedIn profile Banner image, headline, about section, etc. My website I still have my 7-figure blueprint on it, which has a crazy conversion rate My existing offers My Scalable Service Offers course, consultant/solopreneur community, and coaching funnels are still up and operating with zero disruption. I go much deeper on all the tools I recommend for my stack and how to craft offers in my community.

Have a question? Comment? Something to add?
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Thanks for reading…your "OG" remote solopreneur.
— Ken
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